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FLORIT ABOGADOS is a multidisciplinary law firm based in Palma de Mallorca that is part of a network of alliances. FLORIT ABOGADOS offers a high quality legal advice to individuals and companies in all types of legal matters like court trials, administrative procedures and/or contractual legal advice

Our law firm will provide you with our experience and specialist knowledge to deal with your legal problems and to carry out preliminary advice to prevent disputes from arising given that we do believe that the best case is not the one that we win but the one that we are able to avoid. Our law firm is sensitive to the new technologies issues, the new ways of communication and the wide range of opportunities offered by the Internet. For this reason our law firm wants to offer to our clients a legal advice on line which will allow maximum efficiency and timely answers anywhere in the world.

FLORIT ABOGADOS offers you a wide experience in legal advice both to individuals and companies, in Spain and abroad. We are all aware of the process of internationalisation and globalisation of the activities of our clients who we accompany wherever their interests are involved. Therefore we have advised some investments in Latin American countries, like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil or Cuba, in Morocco or in Eastern Europe (Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria or Montenegro) and we continuously work in being able to provide to our clients legal advice for their investments wherever new markets emerge, such as China, with the aim of being the interlocutor who is able, at the same time, to understand the needs of our clients and the legal consequences of the legal advise provided by the local professionals in each country.